Safety 1st Guide 65 Convertible Car Seat Review

If you have a smaller car and you want a convertible car seat which is not only compact, but also comfortable and packed with safety features too, this Safety 1st convertible car seat is for you.

Safety 1st is a great budget brand, and whilst many car seats of this type take up most of the space in your car, this particular product is compact enough to simply accommodate your child in the safest possible manner.

The main features of the Safety 1st Guide 65 Convertible Car Seat are…

  • A Compact yet sturdy design
  • Can be placed rear facing for children weighing 5-40lb, or forward facing for children weighing 22-65lb
  • Strong harness with five point fastening and adjust
  • Adjustable head rest for older children
  • Available in four different colors

How does the Safety 1st Guide 65 compare?


This Safety 1st convertible car seat is ultra-easy to adjust, literally at the click of a button. The rear facing position reclines easily, and the head rest also adjust upwards to accommodate growing children – the head rest literally clicks, slides upwards, and locks back into place.

Safety Features

As with most convertible car seats on the market today, this particular product has been highly tested and withstands more than the recommended amount of impact protection. As mentioned, this is a great product for smaller cars, and as such it has been tested for side impact.

There is a five point harness on the front which adjusts easily and a head rest which is adjustable for older children, giving extra support and comfort.


There is an attached cup holder included with this Safety 1st convertible car seat, as well as a lumbar comfort pillow which can be removed if need be. The fabric can be removed and machine washed also.

See one mom’s unboxing of the car seat here:

An overview of the Safety 1st Guide 65 Convertible Car Seat

 If you are looking for a compact yet budget convertible car seat, this particular option is for you. You can actually fit three of these along the back seat of your car, all locking into place, side by side. Of course, if you only want to use one, you are going to have much more space as a result!

Available in four different colors, this sturdy yet compact option can be used a rear or forward facing car seat. The rear facing option is available for children weighing between 5-40lb, and the forward facing option for children weighing 22-65lb.

The harness is tough and secure, with a five point fastening system, and can be adjusted easily. There is also an adjustable head rest, ideal for as your child grows, which is slid upwards and locked into place. The removable lumbar pillow also adds to comfort levels, and the seat overall is well padded, machine washable, and forms a warm cocoon for your child to relax in whilst you travel from A to B.

There is an attached cup holder as an added extra, however what really sells this particular Safety 1st convertible car seat is the comfort, compact nature, and of course, the safety features. This set has been highly tested and exceeds all levels, with a high level of side impact protection offered.

You can be sure that when you are traveling with this Safety 1st convertible car seat, your child will be more than safe, and more than comfortable.

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