Keeping The Kids Active With Ping Pong

When my kids were young all they wanted to do was talk. Talk talk talk! I never thought I’d experience peace and quiet again. This was until I stumbled upon a handy little trick – kids love games! Great, I thought. I’ll get them the the best ping pong tables from reviews at Game Room Mania and we’ll be set.

How wrong I was.

The ping pong table turned into a place for the kids to bicker even more. One was always doing something wrong. One child was always playing unfairly (and of course the other child was playing fairly). I hope you sense the sarcasm in that sentence!

I was actually worried that they would be too young for the ping pong table – and although I did find reviews on the best ping pong table for kids, I wasn’t sure. This did prove to be the least of my worries.

This was until they started going to school and inviting their friends over. The ping pong table actually turned into a place for the kids the hang out and have fun. I was surprised by this. Had kids never seen a ping pong table before? I remember thinking they were quite common when I was growing up. Oh, how times have changed.

I must say though, I’m glad they are playing physically than investing themselves in their iPads. To be honest, and it pains me to say this $1000 later, but I do regret buying them, even after this report came out about the improvement in learning outcomes.

The thing is, I didn’t have much of a choice. The school has now made them mandatory for children over the age of 5 as a way of learning. This would be fine if that was what it was actually used for. All I see are games and social isolation.

I’m even more worried now that I’m pregnant again. If that’s a surprise for some of you, I hope it’s a happy one! I haven’t been that vocal about this pregnancy mostly because I’ve been feeling so darn unwell! I’ve just been laying in bed, waiting for each day to end and waiting to throw up my breakfast.

Who knows what the future has in store for this child. Perhaps iPads will be redundant and we will have moved on to the next piece of technology. What will it be, iTampons!?

Thankfully, there’s always the ping pong table to provide some entertainment.

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