Britax USA Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat Review

Britax is certainly a name you can trust, and this particular product is one of the best Britax convertible car seat options on the market today. Obviously, this is going to be a case of ‘you get what you pay for’, and this is certainly true here – you are getting a high quality and very safe product for your cash.

The main features of the Britax USA Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat are…

  • The ClickTight Installation System, giving you the quickest, easiest, and safest way to install the seat
  • SafeCell Impact Protection – available in most Britax products, which consists of a strong steel frame, base which absorbs energy and impact, and a tether in a V shape design, which minimizes the chances of the seat moving or rotating
  • Three layers of side impact protection
  • Click & Safe Snug Harness – gives you a loud ‘click’ when adjusting the harness, to tell you it has been adjusted correctly and is locked in place
  • 14 different harness positions

How does the Britax USA Advocate compare?


This is certainly the best Britax convertible car seat in terms of features, and that means that when you need to move it around a little and adapt it to different circumstances it is very easy to do so. The Britax convertible car seat reviews you read on this product will all tell you the same thing – this product is super easy to use.

The ClickTight Installation System means that you simply open the car seat base, buckle the seat belt across it, and then click it closed – that’s it! In terms of adjusting the harness, this is made easier and safer with the audible click you will hear when you fasten it into one of the 14 adjustable positions. There are also two positions for the buckle, which allow you to move the harness upwards as your child grows, and buckle the harness easily.

Safety Features

This is one of the best Britax convertible car seat options around because of its safety features, and this high quality option certainly gives you peace of mind. The SafeCell Impact Protection ensures that the seat stays exactly where it is supposed to be during motion, and it also withstands impact, with a thick three layers of side protection, head protection, and side cushions. The seat is a deep foam-filled variety, which provides a cocoon of safety for your child.

There are also 14 harness positions, and the buckle of the harness is covered by the Click & Safe Snug Harness Indicator technology.


Check out Britax convertible car seat reviews and you will see that high quality safety and comfort is what this product is all about. There are, as we have mentioned, 14 harness positions, so your child will be comfortable and safe, and the added safety extras, such as the SafeCell Impact Protection system is top quality. There is also a removable pillow for extra comfort and padding.

See how easy the car seat is to use here:

An overview of the Britax USA Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

When it comes to the safety of your child, you need to look seriously at your options, and this particular convertible car seat from Britax is certainly one of the best on the market. Packed with additional safety features, your child will not only be safe and secure, but he or she will also be ultra-comfortable too, which adds to the value and attraction of this product.

There are a huge three layers of side protection as standard with this product, and the seat itself looks like a comfortable shell for your child to sit in whilst you travel. The head protection is adjustable, and the side cushions will not only add to their safety, but will also give them a comfortable place to sleep, supported as they do so. The removable pillow also adds to the picture.

Available in three different colors the car seat looks great and is one of the quickest products to install into your car on the market. The ClickTight Installation System from Britax means that you simply click and go, safe in the knowledge that your seat isn’t going to move around, either in normal motion or impact.

The only downside? This car seat can not be used as a booster seat. Although this reduces the weight of the car seat, you will need to purchase a booster seat when your child is ready.

Obviously we hope that a crash never happens, but you can be safe in the knowledge that if the worst does occur, your child will be extremely well protected thanks to the extras this product gives you. Put simply, this convertible car seat is high quality, safe, and comfortable.

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